About Social Marketer

We’re digital marketing experts

Social Marketer was founded by Brent Purves and his team at Stir Marketing, a Canadian digital marketing agency. Stir’s team of internet marketing experts pour their 20+ years’ experience and hands-on digital campaign knowledge into new digital and social media marketing products each month. Got questions? Reach out to Brent via email at Brent [at] SocialMarketer.com

We’re here to help you grow your business online

The Need

There are many one-off, low-quality social media marketing and advertising resources for small businesses online, but there are no comprehensive social media and digital marketing solutions built for small and growing businesses. Our goal is to provide the most affordable, high-quality social media and digital marketing services available in the United States and Canada.

Our Why

We want to help people create a life they love by providing them with the resources and skills they need to build and grow a successful business online.

We Believe

We believe that having up-to-date digital resources and skills is essential for success in both business and life. We believe that thinking differently, working with the most talented people around, and pursuing greatness with like-minded companies creates great results. Want to join us?