4 Free & Easy Ways to Get More Engagement on Your Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a great way to get people to know, like and trust you, to show a more authentic and approachable side of your brand, and to share your content in a different way to appeal to a broader cross-section of your target audience.

And awesome Instagram Stories will get engagement, which is good because getting engagement is key:

  • For building relationships: Once people start to engage with your Stories (and therefore your brand) they’ll feel connected to you, remember you, and have you top of mind when they’re ready to buy.
  • For boosting visibility: Instagram’s algorithm values engagement; your content will appear higher-up in followers’ feeds if they have a history of engaging with you. You might even get on the Explore page.

And guess what? There are some fast, free and super-easy things you can do right now to increase the engagements your Instagram Stories get.

Enter: Instagram Stories Stickers

The in-app Story builder offers all kinds of stickers you can add to your Story. Some just jazz up visual appeal (like icons and GIFs), while others can help to drive traffic and sales (like Swipe-Up links and product stickers). And, finally, some can help you to get those invaluable engagements: Polls, Emoji Sliders, Questions and Quizzes.

These kinds of stickers provide your audience with an easy way for people to engage with you. But you can take it even further by using a Poll, Slider, Question or Quiz sticker to:

  • Get to know your target audience; learn more about their preferences and pain points
  • Tailor your product and service offerings to match needs and wants perfectly
  • Show people that you care about their opinions, likes and dislikes
  • Invite people to learn more about you, or to learn from you
  • Perform market research! What does your audience want to see?
  • Start a conversation that can lead seamlessly into the next steps of your conversion funnel

So what might you ask in a poll, question or quiz?

  • One-Two Punch: Ask something specific to your industry or business to keep things on-brand, while also providing you with valuable feedback (like market research) you can use.
  • Get people talking about your brand: Again, keep it focused on you, your business or your industry, but focus less on brand-feedback and more on entertaining and interacting.
  • Anything goes! Not everything has to be focused on your business. Start a conversation by asking something fun; get to know one another. Remember, social is meant to be social so small-talk is okay!

So give it a try!

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A few tips before you start:

  • Have a Story Strategy so you can be sure you’re giving value but never missing an opportunity to get value back
  • Remember, a Story Sticker won’t improve a bad Story so make your message, photos/videos, and branding/add-ons awesome
  • Make sure your Stories are set to archive so that you can see answers to your questions beyond those first 24-hours and save your best Stories as Highlights
  • Less is more! Use one engagement sticker per Story and go easy on add-ons like GIFs and text so they don’t detract from your primary focus
  • Come up with a fun way to share the info you collect to create even more engaging content
  • Don’t forget hashtags and location tags to reach new members of your audience. (Hide hashtags behind your sticker.)
  • Explore all possible types of Stories, approaches and add-ons to learn what works best for your brand. Try: templates, filters, Stories Ads, sound/music, photos or videos or both, and more

Expert Tip: Take inspiration for your next Story from your curated Social Marketer captions, photos and templates, and then add a Poll, Slider, Question or Quiz sticker to amp up engagement!

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