Instagram Stories (and how to make your own in 5 minutes!)

Instagram Stories are great, especially for businesses trying to build brand awareness, grow an engaged following and create meaningful relationships. That is, to get a target audience to know, like and trust you.

And they’re easy to do!

Stories are just another way to share your content on Instagram. They’re made up of photos and/or video clips (15 seconds max.) and show in 9:16 portrait-style.

The fun part? They can be jazzed-up with filters, text and stickers, as well as engagement tools to help new people discover your content. And unlike regular posts, they reside outside your Gallery and disappear after 24-hours, unless they’re Archived or saved to your Highlights. 

In this FREE GUIDE, Amanda from the Social Marketer team walks through the creation of a simple Instagram Story. Follow along with her to create your own too!

Learn about:

  • Using the Instagram app
  • Choosing photos and videos
  • Adding stickers, text, tags and more
  • Sharing and archiving your Stories
  • Creating Stories Highlights

And then once you’ve mastered the ins-and-outs, you can begin to include Instagram Stories in the social media strategy for your business.

instagram stories quick guide - social curator at social marketer

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Instagram Stories in 4 Simple Steps (and how to make your own in 5 minutes)

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