50 Great Real Estate Social Post Ideas from Social Marketer

You know there’s value in social posting to grow your real estate business, but you’re out seeing homes, meeting clients and making deals happen and dreams come true.

You don’t have time to sit around wondering what to write. Well, we’ve got your back! Below is access to a new free resource from Social Marketer:

50 fun prompts for Realtors that’ll make crafting great social posts a piece of cake. 

Written by Social Marketer’s expert social strategists, these prompts will have you writing posts that will:

  • Grab attention and get engagement
  • Provide value and drive traffic, and most importantly:
  • Help prospective clients get to know, like and trust you. 

It’s easy! Just choose a prompt, write a caption, customize it for your chosen social network, match it up with an engaging photo, graphic or video, and hit publish!

Social post themes include:

  • Behind-The-Scenes
  • Motivation & Inspiration
  • Engagement
  • Trending Topics
  • Business Promo
  • Business Info
  • Business Value
  • Business Brags

Note: If you like this idea but want more, check out Social Marketer’s curated social post subscriptions for Realtors and get a done-for-you caption and fully-customizable Canva template for every day of the month!

Members receive pitch-perfect captions and graphics templates they can get online in minutes. Learn more: SocialMarketer.com

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50 Free Social Post Prompts for Realtors

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